King Kashta is a Musician, Producer and composer established himself as a solid reggae musician and performer. originally from Sudan  his Name is adapted from the Ancient King Kashta, a conqueror monarch who expanded his reign in the old Sudan Kushite kingdom Nubian civilization. 
King Kashta released his debut Album “People United” in December 2017, a colorful reggae- Afropop album composed and written by him while collaborating with renowned and talented Musicians from different countries, People united album expresses his views, sentiments, positivity and human appealing for peace and unity throughout the world. 
Reggae wise Kashta is deeply influenced by Reggae legends such as Bob Marley, Gregory Isaac, Maxi priest and Midnite, on other musical mirror he is influenced also by Prince, D’Angelo, Eric Clapton and Deep Purple. these different influences encouraged him to fuse the traditional reggae roots with diverse musical Genre. 
His next Album “Freaky old times” which is scheduled to be released in late 2018 is a different prospective, a colorful work and new dive in to different Genres while still holding to the reggae buoy, Kashta is performing in UAE’s corporate events and clubs with his new established band “Green Waves” brining new flavor to the country’s musical scene. 

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